Thursday, August 21, 2008

pics, pics, pics

So here's what's been going on with the Andersen kids this last month.
Daddy-daughter double-date to the Angels game.
Skippy and Jason had a ton of fun with thier little dates!
Go Angels!!
Trips to Seal Beach to get the BEST tacos at EBJ (El Burrito Jr.- try it!!)

Friend's Water Party
My children ALWAYS get along perfectly...
Belen and Eli- He's smiling for me!! It's a miracle!
(this cute boy will never smile for my pictures)

Prego Sisters
Trena (3months) Thorey (8months)

Belen Ballerina

Belen is taking into to Ballet through parks and rec. Her teacher is so good. The girls get to pretend to be a different character every class and there are always props they get to wear to go with the characters. It's so fun to watch!

The local watering hole
We met our old neighbors at the kiddie pool. Jack doesn't like being told "cheese"