Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I wanted to upload a few pics from December and didn't realize how much we actually did this last month! The only thing I didn't get pictures of is Christmas... I know, I know.. it;s kinda the biggest thing we all do in December but I went to get my camera out on Christmas Eve and the battery was dead.. so that's how that went.

Took a family trip to one of our fav's.. El Burrito Jr. in Seal Beach
Belen was a horse in the Nativiy scene for our ward party.. I made her headband- she was a pink flashy horse.
Gina was Blessed at the beginning of the month
Skippy made lots of fires to keep the house warm
We partied at Trena's house a few times.. Mama and Gina livin it up
Shannon babysat so we could go Christmas shopping...
Belen had her Brithday Celebration at Buca... they misspelled her name.. Pelen.. B sounds a lot like P over the phone- I can't really blame them. Last time she was Helen so at least this is something new!The Gang at Buca
Ricky and Shannon had a personal invite from Belen...

We babysat cutie-pie Charlotte..
Gina turned 3 mos. on Dec. 3rd
Nonni, Papa and Mama took Belen to see Suessical the Musical for her birthday
We went to our neighbor's Christmas Ice Skating Party.. Belen didn't get off the ice for 2 hours straight- not even for hot chocolate and cookies..

We had a very fun month!