Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy Times

This is a picture of Thorey (my big sis) and me at my bridal shower 8+ years ago. Yes, that's me about 30lbs ago :P I love this pic because our faces actually look alike.. We look like sisters!! (no one ever thinks I look like my sisters, so this picture is very exciting for me) Anyway, Thorey is expecting her first baby one week from today and I've found myself so excited about it!! I was at work this morning and I was in such a good mood because every few minutes, I thought about Thorey's baby being born and it made me so happy!! I can't wait to meet little miss Bauer! Oh, and Thor- we can use this pic as our inspiration to get back to pre-baby bodies :)

AND- Trena is expecting a GIRL!!! It's baby mania!! LOVE IT!