Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mount Whitney

Dave, Casey, Skippy, Justin, Jeff

Back in January, Skippy decided that he wanted to accomplish hiking Mount Whitney. He has his eagle scout and was an avid back-packer back in the day (just ask him about Teenage Mutant Philmont Backpackers) So, he put in for the permit and was so excited when it actually came time to go. (Excited to carry 3 days worth of supplies on your back while hiking to 14, 500 feet??- I don't get it either) He packed all his gear, got new boots, and dusted off his sleeping bag- all the while Belen asking him if she could go camping too- she loved the idea of wearing a backpack and sleeping in the sleepingbag. He left Thursday night and started hiking on Friday. He did great until he hit about 12,000 ft. Then the altitude sickness started- altitude sickness is the worst possible feeling- nausia, vomitting, dehidration, dizziness- yuck. But, did he give up? NO! He persevered with the help of his friends and made it to the top. He can now say that he has puked on the top of Mount Whitney- not many people can say that. I am very proud that he stuck it out and made it to the top and accomplished hiking to the highest peak in the Continental US. Good job Skippy!!

On the trail

At the top , after the 3rd barf- looking good, Honey!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Here are some of my recent momshots. I have been trying to use some of the features on my camera like shutter speed and zooming and whatnot. I also have been working with filling the frame with my subjects (kids) and lighting, as I just read abouit on Jessica's blog. I took Jessica's momshots advice and started to read the manual for my camera. I had a few realizations: One, that I have no clue how to operate my camera, two, that my camera is pretty rad and it does a lot of stuff. I think that if I learn one new thing a week, I will now how to successfully operate it in about a year. Anyway, I hope you enjoy my little set of momshots!

4th of July- Statue of Liberty down the slide
Eli Wagstaff's 3rd Bday party
At mother's beach last week- I like how I got Belen in the background.
A great shot of Luke- but it's immpossible to get a bad shot of that kid- he's so darn cute!
Mean Lady Liberty- pre-street bike parade
If you are interested in trying to make your momshots all they can be, I whole heartedly suggest reading Jessica's momshots blog for tips and inspirations.