Sunday, February 27, 2011

Put Me In, Coach!

It's T-Ball time! This is Thyssen's first season and he is loving it! Okay, well, to be honest, he wasn't loving it to begin with, but now he that he's felt the glory of running home after a good hit, he's loving it! Watching a game of T-ball is so much more entertaining than watching a game of baseball. The game lasts for an hour, and each player gets to bat, hit, and score. There are no outs and no score. Dads/moms can stay on the field to help their little player stay in position. After each ball is hit, they all go running after it, and sometimes end up in a dog pile trying to get it! It's hilarious. Also, after they hit the ball, they either stand there to see where it goes, or they run after it.. the coach always has to remind them to run to 1st, and which direction first is in. I love that thyssen is enjoying himself, leaning some skills, and gaining some confidence. Yay to T-Ball!

Fashion 911

This girl LOVES to accessorize. Here, she's modeling her bracelet, her brother's neck tie and her sister's socks. She pulls the look together with a modern green and yellow pacifier. Can you say fashion diva??

Friday, February 18, 2011

Shannon's Bachelorette Party 12/2010

We had a super fun weekend for Shannon's Bachelorette party!! We started it off by going to Glen Ivy hot Springs Spa where we covered ourselves in mud, got slathered in green goo, and lounged around like we had all the time in the world. It was fabulous! We then headed out to Riverside (I know, doesn't sound very exciting, right?) BUT, we stayed at the Mission Inn, which was the most beautiful place. It was Christmas time so the entire hotel grounds were decorated. Not just a few lights, but crazily decorated to the max with anamatronics and all. We had a great time walking around, eating, and as you can see... by the end of the night, things got alittle crazy in the hotel room.

Knotts 2010

Every December we take a trip to Knotts Berry Farm with Skip's parents. Skip's dad is a retired policeman and Knotts offers discounted admission during the month of December each year. We always look forward to this outing and this year didn't dissappoint. We spent the morning in Camp Snoopy doing rides for the kids, then we did the log ride- Gina included.. she didn't getting sprayed in the face with water, but she did fine with the drop at the end. Skip went ona few big rides and then we had some fried chicken and went home. I love that you can get your fill of Knotts in about 3 hours and be done with it. It's perfect for little ones. We had a great day.

November 2010

Skip and I got a special date night in November. Skip's been a long time fan of Pink Floyed and our friend, Mike Durham, was nice enough to give us his company tickets to see Roger Waters perform The Wall (Pink Foyed's most famous album). We had access to a luxury suite as well awesome floor tickets. It was a great night out. This is us, at Staples Center, in front of "The Wall" which came crashing down when an airplane crashed into it and exploded. Pretty cool! We cherish any time we get alone together, but this was the best date we'd had in a while. :)