Monday, March 31, 2008


I have to say, I love Clarks shoes. They are the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn. I learned about them from my grandmother, who has great taste in shoes. Yesterday, I was getting something out of the pantry and when I stepped back, I noticed that the middle -inbetween-you-toes part of my flips broke! I couldn't believe it! Clarks are supposed to be really well made. I had just gotten these flips back in August (I bought them on sale for like $30) and had only worn them about a dozen times. I decided I should go to the website and see what they say about repair and whatnot. It basically said that they don't repair, only replace. Well, I called the number today and spoke to a very nice Jersey woman and she had me go on the website and pick out a new pair! How awesome is that?? I got to pick out a new pair of 74$ flipflops for free!! And they are being shipped to my house by friday! I am so happy with this company.. it's nice to know that they stand by thier product. Oh, the bonus is that she's not making me mail back my broken pair (which they usually do), so I am going to take them to a shoe repairman and have them fixed! It's a win/win for me today! Yay!

My new FREE Clarks- cute, huh?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I updated my lay-out and in the process I deleted all my links to everyone's blogs...aarrgg! I've done my best at rebuilding my links, but if you see that you are missing from my list, let me know! I didn't leave anyone off on purpose, it's just late and my brain function is limited after 10.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Kinda Fixed

I followed Ben's advice and opened the side of my computer. I also cleaned all the little fans and now it's running at a normal temp!! Yay! I think that if I were to close the side, the temp would get too hot again so it's not all the way fixed, but it's good enough for the time being. So, I was finally able to upload pics from birthdays! Skippy's was the 3rd, Thyssen's the 11th, and mine the 14th. It's March madness birthdays here at the Andersen home. Here are pics from all the festivities.

Thyssen's First Birthday!!

All the little tots tried their hardest to break open the pinata... finally Skippy stepped in and finsihed the job. Thyssen slept through the pinata...luckily, he woke up just in time to do cake and presents. He totally knew exactly what to do with the cup-cake. He picked it up and went for it! He ate pretty much the whole thing.

The only thing I wanted for my Bday was to watch the Electrical Light Parade. We went to DCA with Trena & Aaron, and Mandy & Kids. It was a fun time, exactly what I wanted!

Thanks Aunt Trena for braving the dangerous and exhausting treck all the way to the front of the park to get the girls their popcorn!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

stupid transformer computer

So, from the outside our computer looks really cool, like a transformer. Skippy built it with the help of my computer savy brothers a few years ago. It was built to be a good gaming computer, fast, with great graphics. It looks really rad, but it's not acting rad. It's been overheating, a problem we've had to rectify in the past. The awesome computer doctor guy we like is no longer in business because he got a real job, so I've been on the computer for 2 minutes at a time for the last couple of weeks. I have just enough time to view my emails before it gets too hot and I have to turn it off again. Anywho, I finally stole Skippy's lap-top away from him so that I could do some blogging and commenting. So, who knows when we'll get it fixed, this may be my last entry for a while... I'm bummed too because I have 3 birthdays to blog about. I've been feeling tempted to try and fix the computer myself... hhhmmm... I wonder if I could do it. Trena, can I borrow your Mrs. Fix It tool box??