Monday, October 11, 2010

September 2010

September flew by! All of the sudden, it's the middle of October! I really have no idea of what's happened in the last 6 weeks, it's all a blur.. but here's a bit about the things that were on my camera :)... so they must have really happened.

My cousin Drew got married on a big boat and I got a cute pic of my mom and Aunt Patti.
I found matching dresses for all us girls to wear
Melinda and Thorey

Thyssen started preschool and loves his teacher, Miss Root. (or Miss Woot, as he says)

We hung out in Seal Beach with Aunty Shannon

Gina had a FUN birthday party. Brad let Grady go down the water slide... he loved it!... kinda.

Thyssen's action shot.

Dad and Skip got in a HUGE water (or ego) fight.

Gina got her first taste of a juice boxDo I really need to say anything here?
I'll try to get a better handle on October!!