Sunday, December 21, 2008

Family Vacation

(the view from Ben and Jessica's living-room windows)

Here are some pics from our UT/Vegas trip this year. We had such a fun time visiting friends and family. We stayed with Ben and Jesse and had a blast. I love their boys, it was so much fun getting to know them more. Thyssen clobbered Mag every chance he got and gave him a new nick-name of "nus" (noose) because he can't say Magnus. He followed him around the house yelling, "Nus!! Nuss!" Belen went back and forth between Uly and Gar as to who she paid more attention to. She loved having 2 boys to play with all week. We also visited Skippy's sister, Kelly, and her family. Her boys are so sweet to Belen and her youngest, Garrett, 2, was so cute and always asking for soda.
So, the weather: At first, the cold was very shocking, but after the 2nd day, I was completely use to it. I really didn't expect that. It snowed for us the last few days and we extended our trip because of it. Belen loved the snow, Thyssen HATED it. On our way home, it snowed in Vegas and so we extended our trip one more day there too. We stayed with Jill and Don and finally got Hannah to smile and giggle at me after 3 days. Her nick-name for SKippy was Doopy. Love it! Here are all the pics.
Taking a break at the Vegas Outlet Mall
At the park by Jill's The Breakfast Club Belen and Thy's first snow-trip Bundled Mag Thyssen and I feel the same way about being in the snow. Belen and Uly got the "all-you-can-eat" snow-deal. Liberty Park Temple Square Right before this pic, I asked B and U to hug... (awkward!!)
Visiting the Wixoms: Here's Garrett- and then Aunt Kelly and Belen.
I didn't get a pick of TJ and Alec.

We ate at two places Skippy found on his fav. show-"Diners Drive-Ins and Dives"
Lone Star Taqueria, and Moochies

T hanks to the Vegas Vuongs and the UT Stiers and Wixoms for showing us a good time!!
We love you guys!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Fall Happenings

So, we started off our Fall season with a little trip to the pumpkin patch in the mall parking lot. I really want to go to a REAL pumpkin patch some day, you know, one where pumpkins actually grow, sawdust is naturally found, and there's no sign of any bounce-houses.

Next stop on our Fall adventures is Halloween. We went to the Palm Springs Ward Halloween Party with my parents, grandmother, Trena and Aaron. It was a very good time. Belen walked in the costume parade and won "Most Beautiful" She was very excited to get her own container of candy. The kids also trunck-or-treated and got way more candy than will ever be eaten. Thyssen has such a huge head that his hood was too tight and it squished his face and it was hard for him to open his eyes all the way. He looked pretty funny all night.Aaron finally exposed his anorexic diet: One gummy crabby-patty a day.
We went to a really cool air-show but got there too late and missed a lot of it. We also had to walk over a mile to get there from the parking lot and it was hot and muddy. Once we refreshed ourselves with slushy lemon-aides, we were all smiles once again. We are totally going again next year, it was really cool.

We started feeling the Christmas spirit and made a ginger-bread house for family night. It turned out pretty ugly becuase I had to use left over orange frosting from halloween when we ran out of frosting.. but, hey, it still tasted delicious!

Yesterday we started decorating the house and Belen decorated her very own tree- When I told her to stand next to it for a picture, she said, "Mom, what do you want me to do? This? or this?" and she started stricking poses. I was cracking up- Too much America's Next Top Model?? What do you think: high-fashion or commercial?
We've had a lot of fun experiencing the change of seasons this year and hope you and your family are enjoying the spirit of the season too! Merry Christmas!