Saturday, October 20, 2007

Temple Night

We actually got to participate in our stake temple day! I think it's a first for us. My parents came to town because of my cousin's wedding reception and so they were here to babysit- perfect timing! We had a great time and really felt the spirit and the wonderful comfort that the temple can bing. Thanks mom and dad! On a side note- I may need to get a new temple dress- my bust was just about popping my buttons open! I had to keep my arms folded the entire time- everyone just thought I was very reverent. Let's hope that these babies shrink a little post nursing... it's just getting rediculous.


Trena said...

Um, you forgot to mention that I fed your daughter a bean and cheese burrito and a lot of M&M's. Then, at her crabbiest, I left her with Mom and I went home. I know, I know, I'm the best sister in the world.

Pixie said...

Good luck with that... and PLEASE don't tell me that they don't shrink... I don't think I could handle any more boobage. Thanks for the sports bra tip on Jess' blog... I'll have to remember that!

Jessica Stier said...

I ordered that sports bra and have yet to try it on. I actually had that recommendation from another friend and had ordered it before you posted. So it was a good confirmation that I had made the right choice.
Good for you, going to the temple! That's awesome. I can't remember the last time I went. We're in serious trouble... :)