Saturday, November 10, 2007


So, Trena tagged me, and I have to say I'm happy about it.

Six intersting things about me... I'll try to make it interesting.

1. At age 16 I was asked in a job interview what my talents were.... so, I showed how I was double jointed and turned my arm around in a complete circle... if you were wondering, I didn't get the job. My interviewing skills have improved slightly since then.

2. Going off of that last one- when my hand is planted flat on a surface, I can turn it around in a complete circle. When I put my arms out straight and lock my elbows, my arms look freak-ish.

3. My whole life I was told that I had a heart murmur and went to cardiology appointments every year until I was 18, and wasn't able to participate in sports or over-exert myself in any way... then when I was 22 I went to a new doctor and found out that I actually don't have a murmur and my heart is completely normal. go figure.

3. I was born on my mom's birthday.

4. I am one out of five kids that does not have curly hair.

5. I'm a natural teacher.

6. I'm silently/internally competitive, like my dad.

So, KARA!!! Tag, you're it!


Kara said...

You don't have a heart murmur!!!
I feel so deceived!

julesttdmom said...

Katie you are so cool!!! wink!!! I am not sure If I will there on THurs. BUT we are going to Disney on Friday... Want to go??

Jim & Allison said...

You are SO funny!I can't believe that about your alleged heart murmur-Yikes!Fun gal you are!

Bobby and Krystal (Rose) said...

It's a miracle (or misdiagnosis)! Either way I am so glad to hear you don't have a heart murmur. Many infants have heart murmurs at birth due to neonatal circulatory system and some babies hearts take time to transition to life outside their mom. Most do resolve on their own (usually by about 18 months). Do you know if you ever actually had a murmur? It boggles my mind that a murmur could be misdiagnosed for so long! (usually they go undiagnosed, not over diagnosed)... Could you send me a copy of your medical records, I'd like to research this further (that is just a joke, it is interesting though).

Rachel said...

Katie - shoot me an email with your guys address, i have an invite to send for our christmas party this year on the 8th.
thanks, rachel