Sunday, December 30, 2007

Catching up on weeks of pictures.....

Princess Wishes on Ice!

Bishop Durham from our old ward was nice enough to get us tickets to Disney Princess Wishes on Ice. We took our friends, the Ellsworths and had a great time! Carina and Belen have birthdays just weeks apart so it was a nice birthday treat for both of them.

Belen and Carina in a 3rd Birthday hug!

Whoohoo! Laundry time!

Thyssen has really been enjoying the spin cycle lately... he reaches in and tries to grab the laundry as it tumbles around. That darn glass is always in his way!

Viva Las Vegas!

We went to Vegas and visited some of our favorite people. I've known Jill since 4th grade and became everlasting friends with her in high school. She and her husband Don are chiropractors and live in Vegas with their new little baby-girl Hannah.

Here's Thyssen playing with Hannah... He's 2 months older, but Hannah is gaining on him.

Skip and the kids at the park by Jill and Don's house.

And here they are... the very photogenic- Jill and Don!

We went to a new out-door mall and it had an awesome playground in the middle of it.

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