Monday, April 21, 2008

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High School Times

In High School From: 1993-1997

Who were your friends? Jill, Emily, Eric, Trena, Merilee, Krystal, and all the office ladies

What sports did you play? Nada- I was anti-sports back then.

What kind of car did you drive? My first car when I turned 16 was a nissan 200 sx, 1980. It was the ugliest car I've ever seen. Then I drove my dad's old Ford truck, then a honda CRX

On Friday Nights, what were you doing? Hanging out at WalMart, Best Buy, and various fast food locations.. Driving around taking turns doing silly dares. Going to ska and punk concerts... getting Jill's car broken into.... That was a cold drive home!

Where you a party animal? Well, how do I put this, NO I'm pretty sure I never went to one party in high school that wasn't my, Trena's, Emily's, or Jill's birthday... although I remember Jill in a towel at one of them...

Where you considered a flirt? That would probably be considered my "sport" in high school.

Where you in band, orchestra, or choir? no, no, no No talent there.

Where you a nerd? No, I was way cooler than everyone else... they just didn't know it.

Did you ever get suspended/expelled? I was the master ditcher.. I only got caught twice.. once freshman year and had to do Saturday School (which is where Jill and I really became friends) apparently standing in the middle of the quad when everyone else has gone to class is not a good hiding spot. The second time was JR year and we had to spend a period picking up trash. Other than that, I got away with murder!

Can you still sing the fight song? I didn't know it then, I sure don't know it now!

Who was your favorite teacher? Mr Baker- he still has my picture up!

Where did you sit during lunch? On the outdoor stage mostly, fond memories of passing around Jill's big ziplock of Lucky Charms.

Name of the School? Hesperia High and then Sultana High (Sultana opened my JR year)

School Mascot? The Sultan AKA Jaimie Messinger

School colors? Teal and Black

Rival School? I have no idea, Hesperia High, I guess.

Did you go to prom? Yes, I had a great time... My parents went too! -My dad was the Assistant Principal of my school, so he had to be there, but I loved it!

If you could go back and do it again, would you? no way

What do you remember about graduation? My dad giving me a kiss and hug as he handed me my diploma. That memory is really special to me.

Where did you go for Senior skip day? I don't remember. I did so much skipping that it all kind of blurs together.

Favorite memory?I have a really bad memory, but I remember picking up Jill every morning Senior year and wondering if her hair would be wet or dry... you know, she started that whole messy pony tail phenominon. no joke.

where you in any clubs? I think Eric tried to get us to join Library club at some point. And I went to one key club meeting, but then I realized that key club was doing a bunch of service projects .... I thought it had more to do with keys.

Have you gained some weight since then? yes.. Let's just say I was really skinny then and I'm not so much now. But trying to get back!

How many fights did you get it? Almost one with the school slut. She approached me and if Jill wasn't there, I probably would have punched her.

Who was your high school sweetheart? Jill, Emily, and Eric. I had a boy friend or two, but they don't count. Actually, Jill holds the key to my heart, literally.

Are you still in contact with him/her? Yep, not Eric so much.

Do you still talk to people from high school? Jill and Emily

Where did you work in high shcool? Carrows and Fanzz

What were your grades? Bs and Cs with an occasional A.. you can't expect more with all that ditching, can you?

What was your dress style? Ska, Punk- My basic outfit: blue dickies or jeans with a white tank and a belt with a K on it.

What year did you graduate? 1997

That was way too long of a survey and I even cut out some of the questions..


Trena said...

Oh yes - Ska and punk shows. We were so cool (and still are!). You got away with EVERYTHING. I was the one always busted. Remember the "white board"? Well, my forehead remembers it!!

Jackie Rama said...

O.K., so I am laughing so hard. Great answers. By the way, how did you get away with all that ditching when your dad was a principal . . .

The Holloway's said...

I think this post deserves a picture of the dickies and white tank top! Hilarious. I get embarrased when I think of High School days.

Valentina said...

Katie, Katie... remember your mother reads your blogspot too. However, you are a funny gal and had me lol. I won't tell your dad. He still thinks you were a little angel. xo Mom