Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Here are some of my recent momshots. I have been trying to use some of the features on my camera like shutter speed and zooming and whatnot. I also have been working with filling the frame with my subjects (kids) and lighting, as I just read abouit on Jessica's blog. I took Jessica's momshots advice and started to read the manual for my camera. I had a few realizations: One, that I have no clue how to operate my camera, two, that my camera is pretty rad and it does a lot of stuff. I think that if I learn one new thing a week, I will now how to successfully operate it in about a year. Anyway, I hope you enjoy my little set of momshots!

4th of July- Statue of Liberty down the slide
Eli Wagstaff's 3rd Bday party
At mother's beach last week- I like how I got Belen in the background.
A great shot of Luke- but it's immpossible to get a bad shot of that kid- he's so darn cute!
Mean Lady Liberty- pre-street bike parade
If you are interested in trying to make your momshots all they can be, I whole heartedly suggest reading Jessica's momshots blog for tips and inspirations.


Jessica Stier said...

Katie, your momshots ( are fantastic!!! It makes my heart so proud to hear that you learned something from my site. You are doing such a great job.
I love that you are reading your camera manual and learning how to use it. Your weekly goal is such a great idea. I'm going to make a post about it!

Keep up the great work. I'm super excited to see your momshots continue to develop.


Jessica Stier said...

I just made a post about this post. I used your picture of Thyssen eating the cupcake and of Luke.
I also didn't tell you in my last post, but I love the picture of Belen as the mean Statue of Liberty. It's too cute.
I look forward to your developing momshots skills!!!


Valentina said...

What's a "camera"? Love, Mom

Trena said...

So cute Katie!

julesttdmom said...

So cute! We need to get togehter soon!!! Guess who is at the same summer school as Collin... Jack! We ran into each other at Riley this morning! Fun times!

Pixie said...

Very cool Momshots. Isn't learning a new skill fun? :D

Susanna Landon said...

Ok, so I loved all the pictures and I have to commend you on your photos. They were so good. I hate to say it though, your kids are so cute that even without momshots your pictures would look great. Nice job.

Mandy said...

Nice job on your momshots. How come you haven't emailed me these pictures from our day at mothers beach Katie!!!