Thursday, March 4, 2010

February 2010

Let's see.. where should I begin? February was really filled with colds and ear infections, but who wants to see pictures of that, right? So here's only the fun good stuff that happened this month.

We started off the month right by going to Dland with the Schulze's.

Maggie let Gina borrow her nice warm hat...
Gina had her first taste of rice cereal at 5 1/2 months.
We did Dland again with the Presley's.. I love that family so much!!! Daddies and boys in line for Buzz
Belen did her second month of ballet.... she wants to try tap next.
Belen has been saving for the Ariel and Eric wedding dolls... she finally got enough money for them after winning 20 bucks from choosing a winning square on the super bowl spread sheet. Not exactly the principle I wanted to teach her when I told her she'd have to earn her own money to buy them, but hey.. the girl won fair and square.

Grandpa and Grandma came over and trimmed up the yard. You can see Grandpa way up in the tree.. he's got the tree climbing skills of a 13 year old- remarkable.
Belen fed her demonic baby alive some "food". That doll is seriously so disturbing.
Yes.. we did Dland for the 3rd time when Jill came to town. That little Hannah showed my kids a great time!

Gina started sitting in the stroller like a big girl.
We caught the tail end of snow day at the park with Shannon.
I got a really great laughing shot of Gina
And... the grand finale..... Gina is big enough for Belen to hold her in the tub so I can get all 3 of them at once!! Yay!... and I love how aweful this pic is... it's a new fav of mine!We also went to Maggie's fabulous 1st Bday party... but of course I forgot my camera- you'll have to check Trena's blog for pics :)


Valentina said...

Ok, the last pix is too much! Gina looks like she has anger issues, Belen looks stoned, Thyssen just looks plain crazy insane. Where's the straight jacket? Too funny! ps- Can I have that pix of Gina in the pink hat?

Trena said...

Oh my - I can't stop laughing at the last picture. Your kids are just too much. I love how Belen's gambling habits won her the dolls she wanted. And I LOVE the yellow sweatshirt I got Gina! It's so adorable! I think I could comment on this post forever. So cute and funny Kate.

Andréa Morrow said...

your family is just too much fun! we can't keep up..haha

Presley family said...

First off.... I LOVE your family too!!! I love that Belen won the money for her dolls.. too cute! Love the laughing shot! way to go mom. Last but not least I LOVE the shot in the bathtub... can't stop laughing!!!!
Ok, we need another trip to Disney soon!!! (next week??)

Jessica Stier said...

So much fun!!! I hope you print out that bathtub picture! It's a classic. Your kids are so beautiful and Gina is getting so big!!!

Mindy said...

So fun! Sounds like a great Feb. Just the Disneyland trips alone sound fantastic! So cute. Glad you're all well.