Sunday, June 6, 2010

MAY 2010 Mono Village

Skippy spent a lot of time up in these woods when he was a kid. His grandfather and dad happened upon this place about 30 years ago and it fast became a favorite family vacation spot. Mono Village is located to the north east corner of Yosemite. It is right outside the town of Bridgeport off the 395 fwy. We stayed in a cabin for 3 nights and had so much fun enjoying the outdoors. The kids had no TV and there is no cell reception up there. They played outside ALL day, got dirty, and had a blast. Skip fished with his dad and I had the fun job of carrying Gina around in the baby bjorn. She and I were bosom buddies the entire trip, to say the least! It was very refreshing to be outside and away for a while.. can't wait to go back!

Mama bear and cub taking a morning nap in the tree.

On our hike to the Trout ponds
Grandma and Grandpa's cabin in the background
Our cabin

Awesome HUGE log
Proud Grandpa fisherman
Bundle of Joy
Belen's Horse Beautiful scenery, cute kids.

Getting ready to fish
Another shot of the cabin My bosom buddy and me
Fisherman Skip


Trena said...

Love the bear photo and little Gina's in the big pink marshmallow outfit!! What a fun vacation!

Emily said...

That sounds like SUCH a fun trip! I've been dying to go camping in Yosemite, but I've never had it together enough to think about making reservations so far in advance. I want to stay in one of those cabins so bad!

Titel Family said...

Looks like you had a great time. Some of those pictures remind me of pictures my parents took of my siblings and I going fishing back in Idaho. Fun times. Your little Gina is the cutest ever!

Ryan and Tenneal said...

The pic with the bears is crazy and so cool, I love the cabin, and Katie you are looking fabulous!