Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thyssen Scott

Thiss little guy has made my life so fun over the past 4 years. He came out screaming and that should have been my first clue as to how passionate he is. He is so loving and sensitive, yet also very energetic and rambunctious. He loves to trick me and tease me and loves to make a crowd laugh. He gets his feelings hurt easily, like if Belen runs too far ahead of him, or if he is last at anything. He isn't naturally confident, but gains confidence as he masters a skill. He is a huge question asker and wants everything explained to him in detail. He is obsessed with how old people are and always wants to talk about death. He is great at memorizing. When he was 2, we were out to eat and he saw a 6 as our table number and told me that if I turned the 6 upside down it would make a 9. He knows his numbers to 20 and all his letters and sounds. I think he may have a photographic memory.. he never forgets....anything. He has such a happy-go-lucky personality and loves making friends. His preschool teacher told me that he plays with all kids equally, so I guess we could say he's an equal opportunity friend. He gets a little overzealous at times and we have to reign him in or focus his energy elsewhere. We love this little guy and are so happy he is in our family. Happy 4th Brithday Thy-guy!


~ Hannah ~ said...

This MADE.MY.DAY. I cannot WAIT to see that little guy and bombard him with numbers and crazy stuff and hugs and kisses. Thanks so much for sharing about his inner workings and personality, Katie-- really special. He's lucky to have such a great mom.

Thorey said...

Echo Hannah. I love that kid.

Andréa Morrow said...

haha love it! some of the same things reflect Hailey and others Tati.. so funny! miss you guys so much! we need to meet up soon! I'm hoping this summer sometime again!!