Saturday, June 7, 2008

Grandma Andersen

When Skippy and I were first married, we use to go visit Grandma Andersen at her home in La Habra where Skippy's dad grew up. We would look through old albums, hear stories of Denmark, WWII and her escape to the US with her young family. We always took her out to The Hungry Bear restaurant and then go to Rite-Aid for ice-cream. As the years went by, she slowly started forgetting who I was and Skippy would re-introduce me at each meeting. She was eventually diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. The thing that keeps me from being too sad about it is that she is happy. She is always happy. Her English is gone, and her danish is scrambled and broken so it is pretty hard for her to communicate. She seems to still recognize Skippy and his dad and she loves to see the kids. This picture is us visiting her about two weeks ago-(in her care-home in HB) she had so much fun watching Belen and Thyssen. Her face just lit up as soon as she saw them.

Here's the whole family

Belen and Great-Grandma- age difference: 90 years
She and Belen were playing a game, it was really sweet.


Maosi Fam said...

that is so cute=90 years apart but still have funn like they were 9 days apart=) i love her curly hair!


Trena said...

that picture makes me want to cry! What a sweet great grandma. She so looks like Andy's mom. Cute!

julesttdmom said...

What a sweet picture!! I know you will treasure it forever!!!

arroyo fam said...

i love it... it's cool to see the connection linking so many years together. Belen, what a cutie! She's a lucky girl to have a great-grandma around.