Thursday, June 26, 2008


"Skippy! You just graduated! What are you gonna do now?"
"I'm going to New York!"
So here's what you can accomplish in NY in 5 days with out 2 little tag alongs.
-Yankee's game
-Wicked on Broadway
-tons of site-seeing
- loads of eating

On a sad side note- we forgot our nice camera, so we were forced to buy a few disposables. It was absolutely humiliating taking pics with a disposable camera... So here's what we got with our little 35mm disposable with limited flash and no zoom:

A scary theater somewhere off of 42nd street
Times Square- if you look straight down from the P in Pontiac, you can see Skippy.
The tour bus- it was crowded and at one point, the tour guide was scolding some poor boys over the microphone. Yeah, only in New York.
A VERY exciting Yankee's Game. Instead of guys walking around selling treats and hot dogs, they walk around selling beer... THAT'S why their fans are so crazy! They're ALL drunk!
To Skippy's disappointment, we didn't see any Rockettes.
Famous Ray's Pizza--- SO GOOD!!!
Lady Liberty- She's big, She's green.

"Remember me at Harold's Square...."
My personal favorite: Little Italy... I need to go back and spend about 4 days just going from restaurant to restaurant.

Empire State Building- our hotel was just around the corner- it made for a good beacon when we were lost.
Gray's Papaya Hot Dogs... YUM! it's a hot dog/juice stand in Greenwich Village
BTW-there was some great shopping in the Village and in SOHO.. I just needed some girls to do it with.
Ground Zero- it was pretty sad to see the giant hole that was once huge buildings filled with people.
I have to say that while being with out the kids was fun and we were able to accomplish a lot with out them, we missed them terribly. We were so excited to return home to them.


Trena said...

Wow - I'm so glad I checked you blog right now! I'm so jealous of your trip. It looked like you guys had a ton of fun. I would be more than willing to go shopping in SoHo with you! I can't wait to try Little Italy!

Trena said...

By the way - you look like a fashion model in all the pics - and I love you Satchel Studio bag!

Brian & Kara said...

Wow, it looks like you guys had a blast. I agree about Little Italy. The gelatto there is to die for. Glad you guys could celebrate graduation with a big trip. Congrats again!

-Kara :)

McKenzie said...

You two look so cute in NYC!!! By the way, those pics look awesome!Disposable cameras rock!

Pixie said...

Those are awesome shots! So jealous! I was thinking the same as Trena... those are fun shots of Satchel Studio bags... you needa email those to Kelty!

Andréa Morrow said...

awesome, looks like so much fun..I can't wait to go there someday! so what's the next school, crazy!!

zuniga family said...

it looks like you guys had so much fun! You both totally deserved it.

The Gray Family said...

what a fun trip! I have never made it to New York, but one day... Congrats on graduating...what an accomplishment (especially with 2 little kids at home!).

Mindy said...

What a fun trip! I love New York. It's so cool. I loved the canoli I ate in Soho. Good stuff.

Thorey said...

I agree with Trena, you look like a model in all the pictures. You are so photogenic. Looks like a lot of fun -- I wish I could have six days of Brian all to myself like you had with Skippy. After how hard you guys have worked the last couple of years, you totally deserved this. I'm glad you had fun.

A Rosie Family said...

How fun! I have been trying to talk Ryan into going to NY forever..I think I may be wearing him down. Maybe Skippy can put in a good word for me! Your pics turned out great by the way!

Donovan & Tawny Holloway said...

That looks like it was a lot of fun! Very jealous!

Jim & Allison said...

Congrats Skippy!I'm so glad you could get away for a really fun trip!New York is really fun-wish I could of been at that Yankee game (don't tell Jim though) He's not a big fan of the Yankees.;)

Kendra! said...

Katie, I found your blog!! Your kids are adorable, and it looks like you had a lot of fun in NYC :)

Valentina said...

And I'm sooo glad you're back!! Love, Mom

Mandy said...

Timmy would LOVE to do all that. Your pics are so fun.

Vicky Durham said...

What a fun summer you have had, and its not even over! What great pictures too! You are such a awesome family! Love your blog! :)