Wednesday, June 6, 2012

lots and lots

This post is going to be all over the place. Long story short, my camera only works in short sperts of time. So, I really don't have many pics these days to commorate all the activities going on around here.
Skip and I had the opportunity to be "Ma and Pa Jacques" at youth conference this year. We went on a 3 day trek pulling hand carts. It was the most physically draining thing I have ever done, but also one of the most memorable things I have ever done. .. oh, I almost forgot to mention the best part.. we had to do it all in period clothing! Actually, the bonnets were great for keeping the sun out and the flies off.
I made cake-pops for Belen's school carnival this year. It was my first attempt and it was pretty successful! I was happy with them. The darker, cookie-covered ones are oreoballs. Yum!! I have all the stuff to make them now.. but they take so much time, I have yet to make them again.
I managed to get one pic of my kids on Easter. Seriously, my camera situation is so depressing! Gina's not going to know what she looked like as a toddler... "sorry sweety, mommy broke the camera and daddy was too frustrated to let her get a new one" lol.
Other things we did this summer that I may or may not have a picture of: trips to the beach, trip to Vegas, 4th of July block party, Discovery Science center, ChuckECheese, animal shelter, various people's pools, the movies (a lot), and other stuff I can't recall...why? Because I don't have pictures of it! ha!
Cheryl and I during the Trek
The beautiful Cakepops.
Cute kids Easter morning

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